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Veruca Chocolates

Veruca Chocolate Bars

Veruca Chocolate Bars

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Hand painted and poured chocolate bar, 2.5 oz. 7 flavors to choose from:

- Dr. Louie Bar (64% chocolate, pecans, cherries, orange peel, pistachios)
- Pop Chocolate (38% chocolate, popping candy, crunchy butter flakes)
- Eye Opener (38% chocolate, espresso)
- New Year's Resolution Bar (64% chocolate, roasted quinoa, cherries, coconut)
- It's All That (38% chocolate, peanuts, toffee, pretzel, sea salt)
- Slow Roasted White Bar (caramelized white chocolate, cocoa nibs, sea salt)  
 -Cookies & Cream (white chocolate, chocolate cookies)

Allergens: all bars contain soy. Some flavors contain milk, nuts (peanut, pecan) and gluten *produced in a facility that produces peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and dairy
Consume within: 4-12 months (varies; date noted on bar)

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