Luxury Chocolate Flavors




Burnt Caramel Bonbon

Creamy dark chocolate ganache with burnt caramel for the perfect balance of bitter & sweet

Anise Caramel

A gooey and rich anise caramel that melts in your mouth

Mango Passion Fruit Bonbon

House made mango and passion fruit confit with a milk chocolate ganache

Coffee Hazelnut Bonbon

Coffee steeped overnight with chocolate and hazelnut ganache

"Bark" Bonbon

A play on bark, with orange peel, pistachio and cherry over a dark chocolate ganache


Peanut & Sea Salt Bonbon

Creamy dark chocolate ganache combined with natural sea salt and flakes of sea salt – a boutique peanut butter cup!

Pistachio Bonbon

A pistachio and rum ganache in a dark chocolate shell

Brown Butter Bonbon

Savory and sweet: a milk chocolate ganache made with browned butter

Caramelized White Chocolate and Bourbon Bonbon

House-caramelized white chocolate steeped with a pour of bourbon and a twist of lime

Veruca Tiles

Solid 64% dark chocolate tiles dusted in gold with flecks of sea salt.

Signature Turtles

Boutique take on a classic turtle combines salted caramel with freshly roasted pecans in 64% dark chocolate with an iridescent "shell"

Pumpkin Turtles

A play on a "turtle" with pumpkin caramel over roasted pumpkin seeds, dipped in milk chocolate (available Sept-Nov)

Bourbon Turtles

Bourbon-quenched salted caramel poured over roasted pecans, for the perfect flavors of summer (avail May-June).

Blood Orange Bellini Bonbon

A refreshing Sunday brunch bonbon: sparkling wine combined with blood orange puree and candied orange peel, with a milk chocolate ganache (avail May - June).

Sea Salt Caramels

Intensely chewy caramel on a bed of Maldon Sea Salt dipped in 64% dark chocolate