Reviews & Mentions


"6 Pumpkin Spice Treats in Chicago
That Are Better Than a Latte"
October, 2017

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"8 Tasty Halloween Treats - 
Chicago Style"
October, 2017

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May, 2017

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April, 2017

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Basket Baller"
April, 2017

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Nov/Dec 2016


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"5 Chicago Confectioners making
spooky candy for Halloween"
October, 2016


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"Creepy Crawly Chocolates
for Halloween"
October, 2016

"3 Sweet Splurges in Chicago"
November, 2016


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"6 Gourmet Hanukkah Gelts
for Chocolate Lovers"
October, 2015

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"The Sate of Halloween Candy"
October, 2015

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"Ten Goodies You Won't Want to
Give Away for Halloween"
September, 2015

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"Veruca Chocolates..."
March, 2015

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"The Best Chocolate Dessert
Recipes Ever"
February, 2015

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - "Witness
the Miracle of Good Hanukkah Gelt"

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"Best Chocolates in the U.S."

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"The Best Artisinal Chocolate in Chicago..."
February, 2014

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"Glorious Gelt"
December, 2013

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"Of Small Batch Chocolates
and Pediatrics"
November, 2013

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"Hanukkah treat for the 
big kid in you"
November, 2013

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"Traditional Spin"
November, 2013



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"Here Comes Hanukkah"
October, 2013

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"Chocolate Hannukah Coins for Adults
November 27, 2012

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"Upgrade Your Valentine's Day Gifts
February 7, 2013

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"Does Good Gelt Exist?"
December, 2012 

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"Trendspotting: Caramels"
December, 2012

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"A Chocolate A Day"
January 5, 2012

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Holiday Gift Guide
December 2012


"Gelt Without Guilt"
November 27, 2012 

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"Valentine's Day picks"
February 13, 2012


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"Doctor's Orders"
March, 2012