• Pucker Up Bonbon

    Pucker Up, Time For A Bonbon

    I’m in my element this time of year because both Valentine’s Day and I are all about the same thing: chocolate and love.

    So, this year, I created Pucker Up Bonbons just for you. A big, juicy pair of chocolate lips filled with coffee-infused caramel (coffee from Metropolis Coffee Company, of course!). They remind me of the lipstick you put on for a hot date. You know, the red lipstick you love but which never seems appropriate until it’s suddenly SO appropriate. The lipstick you always want to buy but know you’ll never wear--unless you’re dating that perfect someone who you want to kiss all day, every day. That’s my Pucker Up Bonbons.

    Anatomy Of A Chocolate & Caramel Kiss

    Coffee powers my ability to think clearly and I drink it at all times of the day. It’s warm and comforting and I wanted that to come across with the Pucker Up Bonbon, so I go the extra mile. It’s a three-day process:

    Day 1: I take whole coffee beans and crush them with a rolling pin, then mix them with cream and I leave that to steep overnight. It gives the caramel a rich but mellow coffee flavor.

    Day 2: The next morning, I strain out the beans and use that cream to make a salted caramel. Decoratively, I use colored cocoa butter for the shell: pink, then red. I line the molds with dark chocolate, then pipe in the caramel and let it set overnight.

    Day 3: I add the chocolate base and package them. They’re bright, they’re sassy AND delicious! Just like when you wear that flaming hot red lipstick you love, I really hope you get “lucky”!

    Order yours online now for Valentine’s Day or stop by Veruca HQ at 2409 N. Western Ave. in Chicago. Also check out my Kiss Me Caramels and get yourself some Turtle Love.

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