• New Product Alert: Veruca Fruit"Cake" Mega Bar

    I like to be in front of trends when it comes to style but I’m all about the vintage when it fits, so I’d like to announce my latest creation, the Veruca Fruit“Cake” Mega Bar.

    I’ll tell you straight up, this is not your grandma’s fruitcake. It’s more like what would happen if a fruitcake married one of our ganache-filled bonbons. It’s rich, creamy and the flavor literally explodes in your mouth and fills your head with nostalgic memories. When you bite into it, the mixture of alcohol, dried fruit, nuts, and heady creaminess hits your taste buds just right. Remember, it’s a ganache, so it’s not dry or chewy in the least.

    I love the holidays and taste and smell are a big part of how I remember them. In England, where I grew up, a big part of our celebration was the Christmas Pudding. It was doused in alcohol and then set on fire right as it was brought to the table. I don’t recommend dousing Veruca Fruit“Cake” Mega Bar in anything (although it should pair well with any of the whiskeys in the Koval Distillery gift pack we featured in our holiday guide), but it will have a near-startling effect on you and yours when that first bite hits your mouth. Serving suggestion: impress your guests by bringing the Mega Bar to the table, then cutting slices as you would an actual fruitcake or Christmas Pudding.

    One quick thing: you’ll have to stop in at our store in Chicago for this one, no mail orders this year!


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